Welcome to manusCreations

Thanks for visiting.  Some of the services we offer include:

  • Custom Woodworking

    • Stage Props and Sets
    • Frames, Cabinets and Easels
    • Artisan Items like urns and ornamental wheelbarrows

  • Digital Arts

    • Video Production - We can shoot your event, compile it into a 'best of' video complete with on-screen text and transitions, and arrange for it to be printed on DVD's if you so desire.
    • Banners and Posters - We can work with you to create large banners and posters for your event, company or club and consult you on hanging and displaying them for greatest effect.
    • Brochures and Reports - We can create arrange your content into fold open pamphlets, coiled booklets, or other formats and arrange for them to be printed and folded/bound

Our base of operations is in Edmonton, Canada, though we're happy to do our best to help you wherever you might be located.

Contact Us for a quote or consultation.